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Jan 22, 2013 8:00pm PST
down as simply as possible. this is the woman whose picture was used to help fool star player manti t'eo into thinking he had a girlfriend. diane o'mera said today that ronah tuiasosopo used pictures of her without her knowledge - when tuiasosopo created the fake girlfriend - using the name lannay kekua. o'mera says tuiasosopo called her last week, confessed to the scheme, and apologized. o'mera and tuiasosopo went to high school together but o'mera says they were never close. >> she says that for five years, tuiasosopo "has literally been stalking my facebook and stealing my photos." manti t'eo maintains he was tricked into an online romance with the fictional lennay kakua, and until late last month, t'eo says he believed his girldriend died of lukemia back in september. we'll continue to follow developments in this bizarre story. >> jacqueline: meanwhile, changes with the increasing clouds. cooler temperatures. the rain is expected for late tomorrow and noticed temperatures are going to get that much cooler. not very much cold air with temperatures in the 50s for the most part. dr
Jan 30, 2013 8:00pm PST
exclusive interwiew you won't want to miss. dr phil sits down with the man behind the manti t'eo hoax. the popular talk show host goes in-depth with roniah tuisaosopo - the man who talked like a girl - fooling a notre dame star football player into thinking he had a girlfriend.who then died of lukemia. you can't make this story's captivated the country, and we have a sneak peak at the conversation youi'll see only on kron4. >> why did you end this relationship. >> there were many times when they have broken up before. but every time that i would and it or he did. it was like they would break up and a something would bring them back together. in this case, in my life. i wanted to end it because everything that i had gone through i finally realized that i had to move on. and i had to get my real meeting and start living. and let this go. >> ronaiah tuiasosopo's interview with doctor phil airs in two parts. and you can watch them both right here on kron-4. part one airs thursday at four. part two airs friday at four. >> jacqueline: if it remains clear. from our mount tam cam clear,
Jan 28, 2013 8:00pm PST
-- and also, the latest with super bowl and gary radnich. >> pam: the man behind the manti te'o fake girlfriend hoax is breaking his silence. he will be giving his first televised interview to doctor phil. ronaiah tuiasosopo sits down down with doctor phil for a tell-all interview about the hoax that duped the notre dame football star. it will air in two parts. and you can watch them both right here on kron-4. four. part two airs friday at four. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> everyone has been talking about what happened on interstate 880 when some people abused their driving privileges with these sideshoe antics but i'm starting to think it must have been national sideshow month in oakland because courtesy of youtube look what i found background chatter: what you got what you got lets go daddy o show me what you got this brown mustang did donuts for what amounted to just over 30 seconds in east oakland the video was dated january 27 this video was you are looking at now is dated january 12 2013 and it featured not one but multiple d
Jan 24, 2013 8:00pm PST
more on how manti te'o says. he got caught up in the hoax. >> reporter: this football players thought the fed surely did excess. thewhile he believes that it was this woman however, they think that this man created the online profile and use this woman's photo. >> you have no idea of of of voice on the other end of the phone was do you think that could have been a man of the other end of the phone? >> it did not sound like a man. >> he was told in september that she died but in the month of december, he found out that she believed that the sheep was dea however,-haazn haazi cou of been alive. >> however, some of the me what party was saying that is it she alive? what would everybody think? what are you going to tell everybody? had to this point of amanda that has created this whole says not to come forward at this point, the man who has created this hous holds this online hoax.... has not come forwardfederal transportation investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the electrical problems that have grounded boeing's 7-87 dreamliner fleet around the world. the national t
Jan 19, 2013 8:00pm PST
time. former notre dame football star manti te'o is speaking out about the scandal surrounding him. on friday te'o spoke in an interview with e-s-p-n about reports that surfaced surrounding his girlfriend who never existed. that he said died from leukemia last fall. te'o used the death of his grandmother and the alleged death of his girlfriend to motivate him on the field and lead notre dame to the championship game. over the last few days te'o has been subjected to immense amounts of criticism. but has maintained that he was a victim of the hoax and played no part in it. >> stan musial, one of baseball's greatest hitters and a hall of famer with the st. louis cardinals for more than two decades, has died. stan the man won seven national league batting titles, was a three-time mvp and helped the cardinals capture three world series championships in the 1940s. he died saturday evening at his home surrounded by family. he was 92. legendary pro baseball manager earl weaver has died. known as "the earl of baltimore", weaver led the city's orioles to four american league pennants and a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5